What a great time to become an R+F consultant!

What a great time to become an R+F consultant!

Something to THINK about:
AVON – Founded in 1886, approx. 6.4 million independent reps.
MARY KAY – Founded in 1963, approx. 2 million independent reps.
ARBONNE – Founded in 1980, approx. 1 million independent reps.
RODAN+FIELDS – Founded in 2007, approx. 20,000 independent reps in the US. Next year we go international. NOW is the time!!

Here’s what this means to YOU:
1. Health/Beauty companies that use a Direct Sales business model have been successful for over 100 years!
2. The SOONER you take advantage of these business opportunities, the BETTER.
3. R+F Dermatologists have only been in direct sales for 5 YEARS! Their products were #1 in Nordstrom, and have already proven themselves in this industry
4. Starting your own R+F business NOW ensures your spot in this BOOMING GROUND LEVEL company! Imagine what possibility you’re sitting on.
With a 60 day 100% money back guarantee you have NOTHING to lose! If you are curious contact/msg me TODAY!!
Start working your biz when YOU want, be your OWN boss, & get the BEST skin of your life!


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